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On the cover (top to bottom): Hawthorn Suites, West Des Moines, IA; Larimer County Rare Earth Magnets Fairgrounds, Loveland, CO;
New Albany Fire Station, New Albany, IN; Dodge Theatre, Phoenix, AZ; Residence, Salida, CA
– UL-263, Fire Resistance Rating
– UL-2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance
– Factory Mutual Approved Class Rare Earth Magnets 1-90
– UL-790 Class A Fire Resistance Rating
– ASTM E-1680/1646 Air and Water Approved
– CEGS-07416 US Army Corps of Engineers Rated-ASTM E-1592
– UL 580, Class 90 Wind Uplift, Construction Number 506, 506A, 506B
– Texas Windstorm Approved – Florida Building Code Approved
Magna-Loc/Magna-Loc 180
Architectural/structural flat pan standing seam panel
16″ and 18″ panel coverage, 2″ rib height
Gauges: 24ga standard, 22ga optional
Minimum roof slope: 1/2:12
Factory applied side lap sealant
Integral mechanically seamed side lap seam
Concealed clip designed for thermal movement
Accommodates 1/2″ to 6″ blanket insulation
Applies over open framing or solid substrate
Finishes: Kynar 500 (PVDF), MS Colorfast30®, and ACG®
Contact magnets for sale for additional load-carrying and
curving capabilities
16″ or 18″ Coverage
Flat Pan (Standard Magna-loc Only)
Factory Applied Sealant
16″ or 18″ Coverage
Striated (Standard Magna-loc Only)
Factory Applied Sealant
16″ or 18″ Coverage
Pencil Ribs (Standard Magna-loc Only)
Factory Applied Sealant
2″Pet Suites/Louisville, KY Lide White Boys and Girls Club/Madison, IN
Seam-Loc 24®
– UL 263, Fire Resistance Rating
– UL 2218 Class 4 Impact Resistance
– UL-790, Class A Fire Resistance Rating